Chris Thatcher offers acting classes and workshops for adults in Boulder, Colorado, and Los Angeles, California, for beginning, advanced, and professional actors. Acting training at the Studio prepares actors to work professionally in theatre, film and television.

True actors are warrior priests of generosity who offer their shadow side, wounds and imperfections as the fertile soil within which an audience can root the flower of their own catharsis and liberation.
— Chris Thatcher
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Using the Meisner Technique, Chris specializes in helping actors identify and free themselves from any physical and psychological acting blocks that hold them back from realizing their full artistic potential. When actors develop the capacity to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances on a consistent basis, Chris helps them develop memorable characters based on the psycho-physical Michael Chekhov Technique. This unique combination of techniques is reliable and effective, producing inspired and powerful performances every time— especially when taught in the context of improvisation, scene study, cold reading, auditioning, and on-camera work.

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Chris also teaches other Method acting techniques and tools customized to the needs of the individual actor, and, if needed, coaches actors on the practical side of show business: headshots, photographers, demo reels, resumes, agents, submissions, auditions, casting directors, interview technique, professionalism, career development, and marketing yourself.

Actors performing on stage

Many of Chris' clients work professionally in Los Angeles, New York, and other locations around the world. Chris trained in New York, London and Los Angeles, acted in many critically acclaimed stage productions, as well as in film and television, and directed for both stage and film. Private coaching is available.

“Chris Thatcher is hands down the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’m learning so much about myself as a performer and as a human being, that I am better at life in general for taking his classes.”
— Kathleen Toal

Acting classes are kept small (no more than 15 students) so that everyone works extensively in every class. For more information, please contact the Studio.

Actors performing on stage

Improvisation, cold reading, scene study, auditioning, on-camera, script analysis, and more.

Customized to the skill levels of the students, workshops are held select weekend days, on location.

Private coaching and on-set coaching for adult actors for television and stage performance.

“Chris is a passionate teacher who will push you to your limits — and then push just a little further. I have truly seen magic happen in his class. Each class is different, and every time I leave with something invaluable. If you want to truly see what you are capable of as an actor, and grow beyond your current capacities, come to class!”
— Claudia Amacher