"I leave class in state of excitement and bliss, and my only disappointment is that I can't have three classes a week. No other class has made me see so immediately and clearly how much work I need to do. I am terrified and giddy to finally be in the right room!"

"Chris is an inspiring teacher with high expectations. Taking his class has helped build my confidence not only in acting but in everyday life. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to act and live more authentically."

"Great actors make it look easy. It's not. They have craft — and they have it at the highest level. That's what Chris teaches in his class. He doesn't offer shortcuts or tricks. Chris is honest in his feedback, and he will never let you "act" your way through an exercise or a scene. His passion inspires me to be great. There is not a better environment to explore truth and depth in your acting."

"Chris is a passionate teacher who will push you to your limits — and then push just a little further. I have truly seen magic happen in his class. Each class is different, and every time I leave with something invaluable. If you want to truly see what you are capable of as an actor, and grow beyond your current capacities, come to class!"

"As a working actress in LA, the feedback I always get is that I am natural, truthful and real. I attribute this to the years I studied with Chris; he has an intuitive approach to teaching that I have yet find anywhere else. His passion for acting combined with his care for his students, allows for a safe environment in which to explore the emotional vulnerability needed to succeed in show business." 

"Chris was the first person to teach me what acting really is. He opened me up to a world where I could really listen to what other people were saying and doing on a deeper level, where I could be vulnerable and experience the full range of human emotions. Chris showed me who I was capable being and what I was capable of doing as an actor and I'll never forget him for it."

"Chris helps you figure out what kind of actor and artist you truly are. If you are serious about discovering yourself, about finding genuine emotional vulnerability, and about uncovering what it means to be human through the art of acting, then there is no other choice but the Chris Thatcher Acting Studio."

"Working with Chris has been transformative, powerful and has increased my confidence in public performance many fold. His integrity and commitment to the art of acting is admirable and his direct and honest approach to teaching is invaluable. I highly recommend his class to anyone that is serious about confronting and overcoming whatever obstacles they have to reaching a deep and authentic performance."

"I love Chris' class. He makes me face my emotional blocks head on and helps me move through them. His ability to see through emotional bullshit and get to the root of a problem is unmatched."

"Chris is a passionate and committed acting teacher who helps you recognize and work through performance blocks. Chris was able to reveal the blocks that other teachers didn’t see or were too scared to address. The work is hard, deep, and will unravel you. However, I believe every actor needs to be doing work like this; it helped me recommit to my path as an artist." 

"I love Chris' class because what he teaches creates amazing, authentic moments, and amazing, authentic actors."

"Chris is a keen observer and a master intuitive; he finds actors right where they're living and helps them blaze their own trails through whatever is keeping them from a full expression of their truth in the moment. He’s an expert in the nuts and bolts of acting, and in developing and sustaining theatrical craft."

"I've studied many aspects of theater, various art forms, and the healing arts, and Chris Thatcher is hands down the best teacher I've ever had. I'm learning so much about myself as a performer and as a human being, that I am better at life in general for taking his classes."

"Chris is highly intuitive and present with each actor in class. His love of the craft of acting is contagious and inspiring."