WhY A free Audit?

A free audit means that before you formally join a class, you participate in that class just like a regular student. That gives you a chance to experience if what Chris teaches is a good fit for your current acting goals, and it gives him a chance to evaluate your work. To schedule a free audit, please contact the StudioThere are only 2 auditor seats per class. No walk-ins! No spectators! No guests!

How long are classes and workshops?

Classes are 4 hours long, and everyone works extensively in every class.

Workshops include 4 hours of instruction per workshop, and more than one workshop may be scheduled per day. Workshops are billed individually, but students may attend consecutive workshops if space is available.

How big are your classes and workshops?

Enrollment in acting classes and workshops is limited to a maximum of 15 students. When a class or workshop is full, you have the option of being placed on a wait-list.


19 is the lowest age we will consider for admission to Studio classes and workshops.

For Boulder classes, please contact the Studio to set up your free audit. After your audit, the instructor will evaluate whether classes at the Studio are a good fit for you and your current acting goals.

Family members: Only actors and/or their professional representatives should contact the Studio. Unless you are the professional manager for your 19+ child's acting career, please do not contact the Studio.

Is this type of acting training appropriate for me?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
If you have untreated PTSD, this type of acting training is not for you! Please seek professional help and lower your trauma response to manageable levels before you request an audit or apply for admission to a workshop.

Prescription medications
No acting technique or acting teacher can compete with mood-altering prescription drugs. Such medications may flatten your emotional affect or they may have the opposite effect. Either of these responses may block your progress and interfere with your acting training and craft. However, you should never change your dosage or stop your medication without the consent and supervision of your physician.

Recreational drugs and alcohol
The use of recreational drugs or alcohol prior to or during a class, workshop, or rehearsal is grounds for expulsion from the Studio.

What’s your absence policy?

Colorado students
24-hours advance notice, by email or phone, is required in order to receive credit for a missed class or workshop session. Credits are transferable between classes and workshops, but are only good for 3-months from the date of the missed class or workshop session, and are credited on a hourly basis.

California students
There are no credits or refunds for missed workshop sessions.

How much does it cost?

Colorado Classes
$160/month (4 classes)

Los Angeles Workshops


Note: Actors who pay tuition with their own personal funds value the training more and don't give up easily when challenged. Actors whose tuition is paid by family members or a third party almost always drop out when challenged.

What’s your refund policy?

There are no refunds, but Colorado students may be eligible for class credits according to the terms of the absence policy above.